Jeff Cobb

10/26/2017Read time: 3 minutes

Don't Get Ripped Off by a Locksmith

Current state of play in the industry

Luca and Rico had just arrived to help me with some work at a jobsite. I needed some help moving hundreds of locks up 8 floors. I was researching the Berlin locksmith market so I asked them about their experiences of using locksmiths in Berlin. I had heard that many of the locksmiths topping Google's search results were charging extortionate amounts in excess of €150 to let people back into their homes. Unfortunately I heard correctly. Luca said he paid €150 and Rico paid €320. Articles in the New York Times and Money Magazine Online are about just this. Rico and Luca were lucky: this consumer protection portal shows people paying over €900! 

It works like this: Just like Luca you lose your keys and are locked out. You remember the number of the 24-hour emergency locksmith, which you saw on a sticker conveniently placed on the lock of the main door of your building. You call the number and receive a good price on the phone for a locksmith to come and rescue you. Maybe they tell you it will cost €39 to €79. Or, like Rico, you pull out your smart phone and do a Google search. The top results are promising. The ads say that they will come for as little as €7. Either way, you call and believe what they say only to find out differently after they arrive and begin the work. 

Now you get the real price. €39 for the round-trip service call, €129 for the first 15 minutes of work, €59 extra because it’s the weekend and €89 for a new cylinder. Don’t forget the tax. Grand total is €376, plus change. The quick work only adds to your feelings of being ripped-off. 

If you live in this great city of Berlin chances are you, or someone you know, has had the same experience. For this reason WeLock was started; allowing people to easily find a good, honest locksmith. I grew up as a locksmith in the USA. Literally at the feet of my father and in his shop I learned how to fix and open locks. Most important, I learned the importance of the trust our customers gave us. We earned that trust the hard way. That was through many years of honest and professional work serving the community.

The ability to find these honest, hard-working locksmiths is becoming more and more difficult. Just ask Rico or Luca. 

Jeffrey Bryan Cobb


September, 2017